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August 21, 2020 - BY Admin

how to start a business from home with no money in india-Sumon Roy Chowdhury

You want to begin a business but don't have a plan or spare money. take a look at these ideas below. you'll be able to start these businesses with little or no money. These businesses can teach you all the fundamentals of running a business – fixing a store, basics of accounting, pricing, negotiations, marketing, and promotion. you may also get a taste of what it's prefer to be an entrepreneur.

I always tell people to start out early as an entrepreneur. If you're still young then pick one in all these ideas below, supported your interest and skill set, while you're still in class and acquire going.

1.Consulting Business

Pick a section you have got expertise in. Personal finance, brand, marketing and acquire going.The idea isn't to start out next McKinsey or Accenture but alittle business

that starts with you selling your skills otherwise you working with 1-2 employees.

I started my first profit-making a business like this after I started a digital marketing consulting biz. a fan referred my name to an organization that he worked with. I met the administrators and after some back and forth we started with a monthly retainer. My only investments were my skills, a website name and hosting that I accustomed create a web site overnight.

I am sharing this because this is often how it happened to me but you don’t need a web site to begin.

2. Dance/ Music School

Are you good at dance or music? Then get some practice with a neighborhood dance/music institute and begin on your own. Start with basic courses. keep it up learning and upgrade your offerings side by side.

There are two ways to travel about it.

One, you'll be able to start a YouTube channel, build your audience there and announce your classes. The second option is to affix a reputed institute, learn there for ages and so partner with some friends you create there to begin on your own. Each partner brings 2 students each. If you're 4 partners you’ll start with 8 students in your top quality. it's an honest start.

My favorite dancers who followed this model are Shivani Bhagwan and Chaya Kumar. Shivani and Chaya started posting dance that they choreographed on BhangraFunk (now BFunk) channel and made quite an name for themselves. They now run sold out classes in LA. They even have been on stage in big-name award shows like IIFA and have partnered with labels like Sony Music, Warner Music and makes like RedBull.

3. A Blog Based or E-commerce Biz

A blog is become a business but you wish to place plenty of labor and it should take longer than the other business to determine. The upside is that you simply don’t must work on any specified time. you'll learn to code and develop various apps or get into affiliate marketing.

Another path is to begin an e-commerce business. you'll create your own site using Shopify. you'll even use Amazon and Flipkart’s platforms to begin and sell your stuff. Do thorough research before you begin and see what are fast paced items on Amazon one that you simply can procure. And, start on your own.

NIFT students Praween KR and Sindhuja K founded Young Trendz few years back and sold t-shirts to create Rs 20 crore in 2 years. They sold on Amazon, Flipkart and Paytm.

4. Real Estate Agency

It is simple. You go around in locality, check online and print listing for properties that are to be leased. With this info advertise within the classified section of a neighborhood newspaper or craigslist. you'll also must contact the landholder and take their consent to represent them.

The simplest thanks to start is to hold enter local Facebook groups where people are looking to rent. Observe where there's maximum demand. Then head to that area and obtain in reality with landlords who have a to-let sign. Offer to induce them their tenants. Now return to the Facebook group and reply to people who are searching for an area to rent. You’ll should go one by one and twiddling my thumbs but if you retain doing it for a pair of months you'll have your first customers, hopefully, sooner.

I rented an office on behalf of a brand I worked with. I looked through newspaper classified listings and spoke to several brokers. Finally, I found one who i made a decision to figure with. It took him 2-3 months to shut the deal but he made good money. Enough to shop for a year old small car. mammoth for one deal. i suppose he was also performing on other deals at that point.

These days global brands like ReMax also are in India – you'll get involved with them and see if they need a decent proposition for those that want to start out in land. this might be a decent path if you're looking to speculate money upfront and have a process driven business.

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